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New Zealand First (Māori: Aotearoa Tuatahi), commonly abbreviated to NZ First, is a nationalist and populist political party in New Zealand. It was founded in July 1993, following the resignation on 19 March 1993 of its leader and founder, Winston Peters, from the then-governing National Party. It has formed governments with both major parties in New Zealand, first with the National Party from 1996 to 1998 and then with the Labour Party from 2005 to 2008 and from 2017 to present. New Zealand First takes a centrist position on economic issues and a social conservative position on social issues such as criminal justice. The party distinguishes itself from the mainstream political establishment through its use of populist rhetoric, and supports popular referenda. It has also advocated restrictive immigration policies. The party held seats in the New Zealand House of Representatives from its formation in 1993 until 2008, when it failed to gain enough party votes to retain representation. However, in the 2011 election, New Zealand First gained 6.59% of the total party vote, entitling it to eight members of parliament (MPs). The party increased its number of MPs to eleven at the 2014 election. During the 2017 election, the party's number of MPs dropped to nine members.[14] In the weeks following the 2017 election, New Zealand First formed a coalition government with the Labour Party.

RNZ news published: "Donations made to NZ First Foundation referred to police for investigation. Police have decided to refer inquiries into New Zealand First Foundation donations to the Serious Fraud Office. It follows a complaint to the Electoral Commission late last year about whether the party and the New Zealand First Foundation were complying with requirements for donations and loans."


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Ruano says

"My order was shipped last June as per their website but until now I haven't received it. My gosh been nearly 2 months now! Sent a lot of emails to them and answers only a few times but since then no one answers till I got tired of it and just say goodbye to my money. Dunno if the courier's fault or another. Used to be their regular customer but from now on never again in my life gonna buy from them. Wasted my time and money. Once I send email one person will answer and when I send a follow up email another person answers and back from the start. HAIST....."

Karen Prosser says

"Never again. Incredibly slow service and when I complained they 'sped up' production. Glasses arrived and they were useless and suggested my optician got the script wrong. Actually it was Smartglasses that read script wrong as I scanned script. I had to send glasses back at my expense...apparently they will reimburse upon receipt and send replacement pair. If I didn't have the whole process in writing I wouldn't believe it myself! Edited to add order number as per request ND0554858621G"

J L says

"I ordered a pair and it arrived already damaged. It has been nearly two weeks since I have requested assistance with and haven’t had any updates on return address."

Tristan says

"Smart Buy Glasses said they had my desired purchase in stock at the checkout (do not trust this). Six whole days later when expecting news about shipping, I received an email saying they had confirmed the stock. The order tracking stayed this way for another six days saying they had 'confirmed stock' which seemed off because this was what it said at checkout. After another 6 days (12 whole days, which was the longer end of expected shipping) when I was told it would ship I was informed that they never even had the item in stock. I wonder what corner-cutting practice they do to try to sell items they don't have in stock, but I imagine there has to be somebody cheaper they normally buy off once they receive your money to then dropship using your delivery details. Do not risk it, they clearly spend a lot of money on false reviews and aren't a legitimate business."

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